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There are days, when all you need is just some peace and quiet.

Wolf sketch

The sketch logo plays on the idea that the wolf as the mother is sleeping and guarding the cubs with her tail wrapped around them. In this case the cubs are replaced with the ROMA characters which can then be related that the wolf is guarding the city of rome as its symbol also.

Quick exploration and sketch for a friendly passer by.

Sketch logo: Wolf and Rome

Trying out Typekit

If you are reading this and it does not look like some hand written script typeface, you are either using a RSS reader (click on header to go to the blog post to get the real rendering) or you are using an old browser that does not support CSS3 yet in this case try opening the post in Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4.

Happy Birthday Guinness!

Yesterday Guinness celebrated 250 years, I think this should be mentioned in the blog post and made into an everlasting post.

And a Cheers to many more years of good beer making.

As you can see all the text is rendered with the two specific fonts that I included through Typekit.

The typefaces are: Learning Curve as the hand scripted one and Droid Serif as the second serif one, which also has different styles included.

For more on the typefaces from Typekit click on the bottom right icon and they also have more info about other regarding things. Only bad side at least for the Trial version is that it does not include č,ž,š characters.

P.S. I have some invites left if anyone wants to try it, leave a comment or mail or tweet…

The Ikea Catalog Type in the Future

I think we all share a surprise at the new Ikea catalog and how can Ikea say that only the non designers will notice changes. I believe that everybody notices bad typography it is just that us as designers distinguish it and feel a deeper impact by bad visual data. Normal people are too used to it and filter it out, but we get that feeling in the back of the head every time we go by and see it. I’m just hoping that Ikea will not actually go down this path…
Click on the picture for a bigger one on Flickr.
Typography For Future Ikea Catalogs

Ars Electronica Festival 09 – Human Nature

What happened at this years Ars Electronica Festival. Well we saw a lot of robots, including Gemini the first clone robot coming from Japan and he was really life like as the author also walked around. At the Linz University the MIT media lab was this years featured university with some nice gadgets for rapid prototyping of industrial design and little electronics that interact between themselves regarding how you position them. But, the best part was this years theme for the Austrian national parade. It was Flood, as the ultimate flood from the bible where everything will be swept away. For that they made around 400 different animals that were strolling the whole day on Saturday around the city. And they outdid themselves on the fireworks again in the evening show. Oh almost forgot, the Gameboy music workshop and performance also rocked.

Lots of pictures on My Flickr account and a small preview below.

Good kangaroo.

High up on the Ferris wheel

Lets play some tunes

Nature like sculpture 2

So razlike med Akzidenz Grotesk & Helvetica & Helvetica Neue?

Seveda so in še veliko jih je. Na hitro je Akzidenz Grotesk bila inspiracija za nastanek Helvetice nato pa so posodobili Helvetico z različico Helvetica Neue. Manjše višine srednjega črkovnega pasu, zaključki, ki niso pod kotom, manjša ali večja zaobljenost in glajenje potez so stvari, ki so jih spreminjali.

Za kaj več pa si preberite seminarsko, ki sva jo napisala skupaj s Felixom Osino: Razlike v oblikovanju Akzidenz Grotesk & Helvetica & Helvetica Neue (PDF)

Tipografija seminar: Razlike v oblikovanju Akzidenz Grotesk & Helvetica & Helvetica Neue

Times and Arial. The only things we are allowed to make.

We had our first Typography practice lessons today. A good enough reason to be really frustrated. They totally f*cked everything up. The last ounce of creativity that could be there was stripped away by 50 or more examples of what we must NOT make. No type that is too square, none that is too high, the ascending line between A must not be too low, it should not be bold. Then she said ok we will be doing CLASSIC either TIMES or ARIAL linear, like even if you wanted to do something different you can’t. Fcuk like the only lessons that I thought would be good this semester and they killed even those. Thanks university for killing the creativity in me.

Mladina Proglas | Finančna kriza.

Par mesecev nazaj je Mladina objavila razpis za PRoglas, ki ga objavljajo v vsaki Mladini na tretji strani ponavadi. Tokratni razpis je bil na temo Finančna kriza, omejitev pa ni bilo ravno kakšnih.

Kopijo besedila mi je priskrbel Miha Jesenšek, ki me je tudi povabil, da bi kaj prijavila. Sam pa sem iz njegovega besedila sestavil grafično podobo oglasa ter tudi naredil fotke.

Zmagali nismo, je pa na razpis prispelo okoli 90 del, v vsakem primeru pa je bilo zabavno in se naredilo malo drugače in neočitno. Mogoče preveč za razmišljat. Oglasa sledita spodaj.

Misli s svojo glavo. | Mladina Proglas

Kitajec ve! | Mladina Proglas

Photo series: Paths / Poti

Paths are always showing us our way, but sometimes there isn’t anything at the end of it, sometimes it can just be the journey…

Poti nam vedno kažejo smer kamor moramo iti, vendar ni nujno, da je na koncu naše poti nekaj, lahko je bila le pot…

Click on the picture to enter the series.

Paths / Poti

Denmark, Snow, Ribe.

Yesterday we went for another drive this time to the west parts to the beach and town of Ribe. As I am too lazy to write anything else I’ll just tell you it was freezing windy again, but the scenery was so beautiful that it was worth it. With that I say Denmark farewell for now from Ljubljana again.

Thanks Peter for being a great host and Neli for the company!

Oh yeah, more photos at My Flickr Denmark thingie as usual (more to the bottom).


Little plants

Neli, middle of nowhere