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Icon set: Popular Blogging platforms, links, social networks.

Icon set: Popular Blogging platforms, links, social networks.

The difference between usual icon packs is that you get the original files also with the pack, meaning in vectors. Included files are 30×30, 16x16px icons, Adobe Illustrator and PDF files of each icon.

Download icon set here » (3,9Mb)

Story behind the pack is that we launched personalization at Zemanta so that you can now add friends from Facebook, Twitter and MyBlogLog and we suggest them. We have also exhibited at BlogWorld for which I made big A1 and A2 posters. While that is fun, we only had our icons of blogging platforms that we support in low-res files. I searched a lot around and couldn’t find all the logos of all the things we support so I either traced them or drew them anew in vectors.

If you have any other services that you would like to see icons for and would use them later on your site, please leave a comment or email me. Hoping people will find them useful.

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