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Trying out Typekit

If you are reading this and it does not look like some hand written script typeface, you are either using a RSS reader (click on header to go to the blog post to get the real rendering) or you are using an old browser that does not support CSS3 yet in this case try opening the post in Firefox 3.5 or Safari 4.

Happy Birthday Guinness!

Yesterday Guinness celebrated 250 years, I think this should be mentioned in the blog post and made into an everlasting post.

And a Cheers to many more years of good beer making.

As you can see all the text is rendered with the two specific fonts that I included through Typekit.

The typefaces are: Learning Curve as the hand scripted one and Droid Serif as the second serif one, which also has different styles included.

For more on the typefaces from Typekit click on the bottom right icon and they also have more info about other regarding things. Only bad side at least for the Trial version is that it does not include č,ž,š characters.

P.S. I have some invites left if anyone wants to try it, leave a comment or mail or tweet…

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  • Karmen says:

    Nice to see using Typekit on other Slovenian blogs, too. My invites are already shared so there will be more :-) I do hope that soon will be available bigger library for Trial version and of course with complete sets of types ’cause I’m mising diacritics badly.

  • Felix says:

    The worst part is, that it falls back to Comic Sans, if the browser doesnt’t support it or when it loads 😉
    Whole three seconds of horror!

  • @Karmen I’m actually considering the Portfolio one also, to give it a go for a year and see and work with all the features that they’ll put in also. And just to have it as some fun on all the personal projects :)

    @Felix I believe you can set the fallback to which common set it goes to in settings.

  • Karmen says:

    Peter, I’m considering Portfolio, too. But not until they support whole code tables.

  • MIha says:

    Nice! I am interested in trying it out. Thanks! :)


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