Elephant Factory

Meet George the Elephant, he was made in a factory as a part of a project to bring more elephants to life. Because it takes a long time for elephants to reproduce there is a lack of them in the world and as such people decided to help them and make them in factories. Now there are a lot more of them in the wild again.

This was a part of my Major Project for the Bachelor degree. It is a visual representation of a short story written by Haruki Murakami. In it people work in elephant factories and I liked the aspect so much that I took that notion and made an elephant.

He's made out of polystyrene or styrofoam blocks and then covered in papier-mâché and painted over with acrylics. The size of George is 90x60x55cm and he is currently residing as a lecturer at Thames Valley University in Reading, England.

George The Elephant and its makers
Elephant factory: George The Elephant and its makers

George being painted
Elephant factory: George being painted

George in papier-mâché
Elephant factory: George in papier-mâché

George layered with papier-mâché
Elephant factory: George layered with papier-mâché

George with ears out of wire
Elephant factory: George with ears out of wire

George before the makeover
Elephant factory: George before the makeover

Fimo clay elephant prototype
Elephant factory: Fimo clay elephant prototype