Type Animals

This project was made as a part of an advanced printmaking class. We had to make a self guided and exploratory project using the printmaking techniques we learned and liked the most.

I wanted to create animals out of type and give each of the some "character" with the different technique of printmaking. So the different feel and look between dry cut, linocut, etching, embossing would add to the "type animals".

The result are 10 prints in a series of 5, measuring 20x20cm.

Embossing on the box
Type Animals: Embossing on the box

Lion and Zebra
Type Animals: Lion and Zebra

Elephant and Polar Bear
Type Animals: Elephant and Polar Bear

Rabbit and Penguin
Type Animals: Rabbit and Penguin

Dolphin and Kangaroo
Type Animals: Dolphin and Kangaroo

Snail and Squirrel
Type Animals: Snail and Squirrel