LazyReadr is a smart RSS reader for the iPad that merges similar articles from different sources and automatically syncs with your Google Reader account. Every article displays the full content with all the pictures arranged into a newspaper format for easier reading.

Because LazyReadr automatically fetches feeds from your Google Reader account setting up is as easy as logging in.

All of your feeds, read items, likes, saves etc. are continuously synced with your online account so you never have to lose track of what you were reading. For example you can browse on your iPad and save an article for later reading, then find it under starred items in Google Reader to read on your computer.


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LazyReadr: Logotype

Final / Categories view
LazyReadr: Final / Categories view

Final / All articles view
LazyReadr: Final / All articles view

Final / Single article view
LazyReadr: Final / Single article view

Final / Commands on
Lazyreadr: Final / Commands on

Final / Social Feature
LazyReadr: Final / Social Feature

Mockup 02 / Categories view
LazyReadr: Mockup 02 / Categories view

Mockup 02 / All articles view
LazyReadr: Mockup 02 / All articles view

Mockup 02 / Single article view
LazyReadr: Mockup 02 / Single article view

Initial wireframe / Categories view
LazyReadr: Initial wireframe / Categories view

Initial wireframe / Single article
LazyReadr: Initial wireframe / Single article