The web start-up is developing a personal trainer for every pocket. A web service that is going to provide you with an exercise schedule and if you don't go running when you are supposed to it notifies all your friends that you missed your hour of recreation. This motivational factor helps you so that you exercise regularly.

My part of the team was to design an identity and also GUI interface for the webpage. The moovme name was selected as it helps you get out of your sofa and exercise. I also developed the GUI for the webpage through a series of wireframes and prototyping.

Try the service at their website:

Logotype on dark background
moovme: Logotype on dark background

Business cards
moovme: Business cards

Letterhead & Envelope templates
moovme: Letterhead & Envelope templates

Front page
moovme: Front page

moovme: Calendar

moovme: Settings